What Kinds of Reviews to Look for Before Hiring a Moving Company


Moving can be quite a task, but when you are assisted by a moving company that you can trust, you will not have too much of a difficult time. In this article, we give you tips on what reviews to look for before hiring a moving company.

Things to Consider When Hiring A Moving Company:

  • Online Reviews: When looking for companies, you can now use the Internet in your favor. People can now leave online reviews. Of course, you do have to skim through these reviews and keep in mind that not all the reviews might be genuine. So, check if they have recent reviews, and also check how long it’s been since they last received a positive review.
  • Friend Recommendations: Another type of review to look out for is if the companies you are considering are recommended by your friends. These types of reviews are hard to fake, which is why you need to ask them. Of course, some of your friends may be partial to the company, so ask other friends. This way you can weigh out the reviews.
  • Customer Service Reviews: One of the most important services that can be rendered is customer service. If you check a company’s reviews and one of its disliked services is customer service, then that should give you an idea of whether or not you should hire the company. This service will help you and if their reviews aren’t the best, then it might be better to consider a different company.
  • Check their track records: If there seem to consistently have bad reviews then you might want to look into second opinions. The problem is that people rarely leave good reviews when they’re satisfied, and are more likely to write bad reviews. We suppose it’s because it’s much easier to leave scathing reviews than good ones. But if there are consistent complaints, then this might indicate whether or not you should hire the company.
  • Verify their License: Although the chance of hiring an unlicensed mover is rare, it’s still pretty possible. Verifying the license should be a precaution you take, especially when you’re new to hiring movers. It can be difficult when you pay in advance and then discover that you were scammed. Take the time to ask for a license and see when it was last verified.
  • Write Your Contract: This serves as insurance that both parties follow through on their requests. You have to clearly dictate your expectations, and specify what you want done. This way, you can avoid any misunderstanding, and you know how much it’ll cost to put everything together.

Importance of Reading Reviews:

Reading reviews might be tedious, but it’s important to know what you’re dealing with before you hire a company. Hiring a bad company would be an expensive way to waste time, and that’s not what we want. When you thoroughly check reviews and references, you give yourself a chance to choose the best moving company for you.

We assure you that reading reviews and asking for recommendations are some of the best ways to gauge if a company is worth hiring or not.

Key Takeaways:

Moving can be a daunting task when you have to do it alone. However, you can always hire professionals to help you pack up everything and be ready to go. It can be a problem to find a moving company if you’re new to it, which is why we wrote an article on what reviews to look for before hiring moving companies for your benefit.

Why We Should Read a Companies Reviews Before Hiring Them


Hiring a company to aid your business isn’t always easy. Although it seems tempting to just skip the screening process, it’s crucial to undergo this process. It can be tedious, but this will help you decipher if the company you want to hire is trustworthy and reliable. In this article, we talk about the importance of reading companies reviews before hiring them.

Modern Technologies Applied:

In this day and age, you don’t just apply for a job interview and wait to get hired. With websites like LinkedIn, Freeelancer, and others, you can put in your past work experience. Much like an online resume. Aside from that, people that work with you can review their experience with you, which is something you don’t easily get from an interview.

Company reviews give you an idea on what they have to offer, as well as what they can contribute to make your business better.

Advanced Screening Methods:

Reviews are a great way to see what other people experienced with a certain company. Of course, you have to be able to differentiate constructive criticism from destructive criticism. Some criticisms may seem too harsh, so checking other comments can help you decipher if this company can be helpful to you.

Looking at reviews will tell you if the company you plan on hiring has some issues that do not coincide with the values of your business; thus, making it a more advanced screening method of hiring.

How to Read the Company Reviews:

Chances are, you’re reading company reviews in Glassdoor or Indeed. When looking at reviews, it is safe to check comments that date back to a year ago, and work towards the more recent comments.

Small details to look into:

  • Recent Positive Comments: What has changed to make the comments more positive? Have they made improvements?
  • Change in leadership- If a year ago, the reviewer did not appreciate the person in charge and changed their tune after working with them the second time, look into if they changed the leader of their team.
  • Changes in Company Mission or Rebranding- Check if the company has made some changes in its mission or has undergone rebranding.

The importance of these details are dependent on the criteria that you have. Knowing what you want will help you narrow down your choices faster, and it makes checking the reviews less stressful.

Important Key Takeaways:

If you’re starting out a business and need some help from companies, it’s good to get reviews about them from friends or colleagues that have worked with such. However, it’s also good to get some ideas from anonymous people as well, because they would have perspectives different from that of people you know.

Company reviews will give you the good and bad of a company, which should tell you why you should hire them, or why you shouldn’t. That is the importance of reading companies reviews before hiring them and choosing them correctly.

Why It’s Important to Leave a Quality Review of a Company


Leaving reviews for companies is fairly new. However, this is important for other businesses that may be looking to hire the company. Whether your experience with the company is good or bad, this is the importance of leaving a quality review of a company.

Understanding The Importance of Good and Bad Reviews:

While it is common knowledge that good reviews will help boost the success of companies and bad reviews would hurt them, it’s important to know why both types of reviews are important.

If a business had a bad experience with a company, then chances are they would least likely work with them again. With dissatisfied customers, you can be sure that they will leave a review on your page; whereas, a satisfied customer is least likely to leave a positive review.

It’s important to keep this in mind. Once you know that you were unsatisfied, leaving a review will likely make its mark on the company’s business; however, if you were satisfied, then you should still review them to give insight to the next person looking to hire the company.

How to Improve Reviews:

When a business has a lot of negative reviews, then that means the company has to make some changes that would rectify what the customers found unsatisfactory. In turn, you can check if the issues mentioned have been provided solutions by the company.

When reviewing, make sure it is in-depth with all your experiences. No matter how negative or positive, both the company and potential customer can benefit from it.

Leaving Negative Reviews and Its Effects:

When you are dissatisfied with something, the first instinct is to tell other people about what you experienced so that they can either mourn with you or they can avoid the company completely. Of course, this action does a lot of damage to the company and can make it difficult for them to bounce back.

When you leave a negative review, it’s also good to consider if there was at least one thing good about this experience with the company. That way, you don’t leave a review based only on negativity. Although, we’re not saying you have to lie about your experience. If you had no good experiences with a company, then remember to be more constructive than destructive.

Giving your review constructive reviews, like telling them how to do better will help the company make changes necessary to fix the unsatisfying experience. Though you may not  want to work with them again, you will be giving the company a chance to improve itself.

Key Takeaways:

Even if you aren’t the type to leave reviews, this can be helpful to the next person that wants to hire the same company. Whether it’s a positive or a negative one, it can help to the next person to gauge if that is what they’re looking for. This is the importance of leaving a quality review of a company.